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Commercial customers across Swansea and South Wales rely on us to maintain their carpets and upholstery on a  regular basis. This not only ensures a pleasant and healthy working environment for empolyees, but also conforms to the manufacturers maintenance recommendations – extending the life of your carpets for many years longer than carpets which are not maintained.

We can offer our conventional steam extraction cleaning service, perfect for deep cleaning and bad staining. Alternatively we can offer an almost silent, low moisture carpet cleaning service that is incredibly fast, convenient and effective for maintaining commercial carpets. Please read below about our Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Service.

  • Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

    Cleans // Heat Dries // Stain Blocks // Deodourises

    Dry Fusion is The ideal carpet cleaning system for any commercial environment including Offices, shops, nursing homes, hotels, pubs, childrens nurseries etc.

    • SAFER
    • DRIER

  • What is Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning?

    Dry Fusion has been developed for todays carpets. There have been big changes in the construction of carpet and carpet fabrics over the last few years, most noteably commercial and domestic carpet has become shorter. Because of the denser packed pile, airflow is reduced and the carpet is left wetter. Add to this increased soilage and detergent left behind.
    These changes have contributed to extraction cleaning methods leaving the carpet wetter for longer, with more residual dirt left behind due to poor airflow. Dry Fusion has been designed to maximise cleaning performance on these new carpets. It works because it doesn’t rely on airflow to clean or to dry.

    Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries every type of carpet. It’s all in the same process, and because it is patented, nobody else can use this amazing system of cleaning. By taking all the best features of hot water extraction ( hot solution, “shot of steam”), the best features of dry cleaning ( low moisture, mechanical agitation ) and combining them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned – you have some of the most outstanding results you have ever seen.

    Two unique mechanisms work to keep Dry Fusion cleaned carpet virtually stain free to maintain that just cleaned look longer. A Fluorocarbon Resin (a Dupont speciality) places an invisible protective shield over every fibre during the cleaning process. It helps prevent dry grit, dust as well as spills lodging within the carpet. Even walked in mud and oily spills have difficulty seeping in. because the fibre is effectively “non stick” when you DRY FUSION clean, vacuuming removes more soil, plus the vacuum cleaner is easier to push.
    BLOCKING STAINS. This unique additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow food spills and beverages to become ugly stains. When re-cleaned with DRY FUSION – using the “shot of steam” most stains are removed without spotting or special effort.

  • The chemistry behind Dry Fusion


    Extraction and other rotary dry cleaning methods use high ph presprays to remove oily soils and protein stains. Sometimes this is followed by an acid rinse to neutralise. Most carpet mills, especially using wool or stain treated nylon reject any exposure to prespray of ph 10 to 12, even if only on the carpet for 5 minutes. Damage can take place in this critical exposure stage . DRY FUSION uses novel technology that removes the heaviest soils from fibre at ph 7.2. A neutral ph is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers and carpet mills.


    Our research into the area of fluoro surfacants, fluro stain protectors and polymer stain blocking resins has enabled us to give you a system that removes more stains than any other dry or wet method as well as to increase stain and dirt repellence.


    All emulsifiers and greasy soil solubilises are highly biodegradable and degrade rapidly. The natural orange and vanilla extracts used as odour neutralisers have been selected for their non-irritant qualities for those with sensitive noses and bronchial problems.


    Healthcare and sporting facilities are notorious for resistant odours like urine, vomoit and body odour. Bactoshield removes ammonia and even pet smells. If it works in the commercial sector, imagine how good it is in the home.

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services in Swansea and south Wales.
- Licensed Dry Fusioneers

“Carpets dry in 30 minutes”

Further Information about Dry Fusion

For further information about Dry Fusion, please visiti the Dry Fusion website.

Carpet cleaning

Do you use eco – friendly carpet cleaning products?

We do our very best to manage our impact on the environment by using enviro friendly carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning products and methods, at no extra costs to you.

Can you clean very old or badly stained carpets?

We know you will be impressed with our results, many customers expected to have throw carpets away, but soon realised trained professionals such as ourselves using the best equipment, can offer great results on badly stained carpets, though we can’t guarantee anything, we will do our best to give you an idea of problem areas, before applying our skilled spot stain removal techniques, followed by a full carpet deep clean.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Drying times will depend upon a number of variables which include:

  • The length of the carpet fibres.
  • The humidity/moisture content of the air
  • The amount of cleaning required to remove all dirt from your carpets/upholstery using the most suitable cleaning method
  • On the day that we clean your carpets/upholstery, we will advise you on the drying times to expect.
  • We will recommend the best ways to aid quicker drying -
  • But its usually within just a few hours of completing.