Domestic carpet cleaning

Steam extraction carpet cleaning

Professional and affordable residential Carpet Cleaning services

Traditional carpet cleaning using the hot water extraction method (hwe) and sometimes called carpet steam cleaning is the system that is most widely used by carpet cleaners and we are no different .

  • We have what is probably one of the most powerful portable hwe machines available on the market today and as Creighton Foyle Carpet Care is owner operated with no employees you always get the person who cares most about the companies image and customer satisfaction “ME”.


If you have had a cheap quote off one of our competitors ask yourself why?

  1. Will they pre-vacuum your carpets prior to cleaning?
    We always pre-vacuum carpets prior to cleaning as this this can lift out as much as 80% of the dry soil in them.
  2. Will they pre-spray your carpets with a safe detergent free cleaning solution that is safe for your children and your pets ?
    We always pre-spray and agitate your carpets prior to extraction as this helps to lift the pile whilst breaking down the dirt that attaches itself to your carpets.
    Only after the pre-vac, pre-spray and agitation will we use our extraction machine to rinse out your carpets removing all the soiling leaving you with soft, clean, and fresh smelling carpets.
  3. Some of our competitors will put their detergent straight into their extraction machine avoiding the pre-vac pre-spray and agitation procedures as this will make the cleaning process quicker and cheaper but it is the detergent that is left in the carpet when it dries (much the same as if you washed your hair and then rinsed it in soapy water) that is potentially harmful to your children and it is the detergent that attracts the dirt making your carpets get dirtier quicker after cleaning.


- you only get what you pay for!

We can’t clean a 12×12 room for £12.99 or a whole 2 bed house for £60 and neither can anyone else in our opinion not if they do it properly.

Avoid the worry of permanent damage to your carpets from over-wetting- by choosing a professionally trained operator such as Creighton Foyle Carpet Care.

  • We use organic biodegradable cleaning solutions that leave nothing behind except fresh, clean carpets!

Carpet cleaning

Do you use eco – friendly carpet cleaning products?

We do our very best to manage our impact on the environment by using enviro friendly carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning products and methods, at no extra costs to you.

Can you clean very old or badly stained carpets?

We know you will be impressed with our results, many customers expected to have throw carpets away, but soon realised trained professionals such as ourselves using the best equipment, can offer great results on badly stained carpets, though we can’t guarantee anything, we will do our best to give you an idea of problem areas, before applying our skilled spot stain removal techniques, followed by a full carpet deep clean.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Drying times will depend upon a number of variables which include:

  • The length of the carpet fibres.
  • The humidity/moisture content of the air
  • The amount of cleaning required to remove all dirt from your carpets/upholstery using the most suitable cleaning method
  • On the day that we clean your carpets/upholstery, we will advise you on the drying times to expect.
  • We will recommend the best ways to aid quicker drying -
  • But its usually within just a few hours of completing.